Frequently Asked Questions

Group Hike Questions:

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Do you still offers hikes when it is snowing?

Depending on the amount of snowfall and temperature some hikes will take place at more local trails that offer a flat adventure. When temperatures are below freezing we will make our hike into a local walk to prevent frozen paws and offer a chance to warm up when necessary.

How many dogs do you hike in a group?

We can safely walk up to 6 dogs per group hike. We also offer off leash fun for dogs with sight and sound tags (up to 2 dogs off leash at a time).

How long do hikes go for?

Hikes are dependent on weather conditions and time of year. During spring and summer we start a little earlier in the day to beat the heat and hikes can last up to 90 minutes in length. During fall and winter, hikes take place a little later in the day and last up to 2 hours in length. 

How do I know my dog will fit in with the group?

All of the dogs we take on for group hikes show great temperament when it comes to human and dog interactions and are able to get started right away! We can guarantee a proper evaluation and transition into our group hikes.

I have a young energetic puppy. Is my pup ready for group hikes?

Yes! Dog Hikes are a perfect option for puppies. You will not only get tons of socialization for your pup, but also get the much needed skills and experiences of hiking the public trails! 

My dog has sight and sound tags. Will you let him/her off leash?

We do allow up to 2 dogs off leash at a time with current sight and sound tags.To learn more about our off leash options, contact us today. 

Kitty Visit Questions:

Pet Care, Dog Sitter, Pet Sitter, Dog Walker, Cat Visits, Professional, Dog Hike, Dog Walks, Dog Runs, Dog Running

Can you do every other day visits for my cat while I'm away?

We do not recommend opposite day visits for cats. It is our responsibility to ensure your cat hasn't gotten into something or found it's way out of the house while you are away. To best ensure this we recommend a minimum of 1 visit per day. In cases of opposite day visits we will require a signed release that addresses our concerns.

My cat likes to hide when guests are over. Will this be an issue?

It is common for cats to shy away when new people are in their home. Often times by the second or third visit your furry one will come out from hiding and in some cases start to greet us. We have surprised many clients with photos of their stealthy kitties out from hiding and making friends with us. We never force a cat out of hiding unless the cat is in danger or requires medication administration.  

My cat requires medication. Are you able to help

We have lots of experience with administering medications whether it be pills in food or injections. If you know your cat will hide upon our first visit and requires an injection, we ask for you to please leave your kitty in a closed off room with minimal hiding places so we can be sure to find your kitty and administer the required medication. 

How often will you change the kitty litter?

For kitty liter we tend to follow your prescribed schedule and we make sure to scoop urine and feces once per day.  

My cat is an outdoor cat. Can you him/her outside?

Unfortunately, it is a liability for us to allow a cat to go outdoors while under our care. In special cases we make an exception for a cat that is accustomed to wearing a harness and leash to go in a fenced off back yard.  

Other Questions:

Are you available on holidays?

We are always available on holidays!  On the day that a holiday falls on we charge an additional $10 for all services.

Do you offer any discounts for Seniors or Veterans?

Yes, we not only offer discounts for Senior Citizens and Veterans, but also for any animals that are rescues!

Do you offer puppy and dog training?

Yes, we offer basic and advanced obedience training packages. We can train puppies as young as 3 months too! All dogs that are trained get a special offer to join our Group Hikes and continue to build on their newly gained skills! Contact us for pricing details.

How can I get a discount?

We offer an amazing referral program that will help reduce costs on services. We can also offer discounts to companies and businesses that are in need of services for their employee's animals! If you are currently shopping around or looking to transition to a new provider we can help come to a payment plan that will take your worry away about getting your animal's needs met without breaking the bank! Contact us to schedule a phone call so we can help give you peace of mind today.

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